Wind Turbines


Wind Turbines used in urban areas, on residential or commercial buildings, are smaller scale and are efficient at lower wind speeds. There are currently two types of wind turbines on the market, vertical axis and horizontal axis. Traditional horizontal axis turbines (pictured at above) are generally more efficient, but vertical axis turbines might be a better solution for varied wind direction or tighter urban spaces. Wind turbine systems can be combined with solar photo-voltaic panels, or other systems to maximize on clean energy at all times. In San Francisco, winds from the Pacific ocean are optimal for this system.

The city of San Francisco allows wind turbines to generate up to 50kW with a necessary permit. The city allows turbines to be at ground level or mounted on rooftops. Typically, a turbine with a capacity of up to 5kW can provide most energy needed for a single family home, dependent upon site and lifestyle. San Francisco gets optimal, unobstructed winds from the Pacific Ocean. The Inner Richmond gets enough wind to make wind harvesting an efficient source of energy. Since individual turbines can be expensive, if a block shares the cost and chooses a higher powered model (closer to the 50kW limit), wind energy can be a cheaper, more efficient energy source for the block.



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