About the Project

What if San Francisco had one backyard? What if there were no fences, no private gardens? What if the cultivated spaces beyond our homes were open to become part of a communal shared outdoor area? What are the possibilities and challenges of livability through thoughtful community design?

We are the summer studio interns at McCall Design Group engaging in a formal investigation of the urban backyard and its potential to serve as a boundless point of connection and space for community development. Through site visits, research, and analysis we will propose a design solution for the courtyard community.

Follow us throughout the summer as we explore, design, and comment on the urban backyard. We choose to refer to the collective backyard as the “intra-block” and began our studies by examining precedents dating back to the English commons and courtyard communities as well as contemporary local sites.

We welcome your commentary, suggestions, and feedback and are striving to grow an online community to build and store thoughts and research.


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